Hcp officially launches flip Chip on Board product - UFP series


Hcp announce a new Mini COB display UFP series. The new series combine the new generation flip Chip on Board technology, which provides users for excellent performance on visual clarity and high reliability.

Flip chip technology

Hcp UFP series adopts the self-developed flip chip technology, with the brightness up to 600cd/m2. The thickness of RGB flip chip is 80-85μm. The smaller flatness and the smoother display screen, raise uniformity in color and delivers a comfortable viewing experience.

Specific Surface Treatments

Molding with specific surface treatments, the patented coating technology makes Hcp UFP series contrast ratio up to 2,000,000:1, less affected by the ambient light- far more than the performance of conventional LED.

Excellent Visual Experience

Hcp UFP series has wide color gamut, high grey scale and high refresh rate, Provide improved color accuracy, suitable for different application.


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